(Ultra) wide lenses

I have always been scared of using a wide lens: for portrait not really good, not for nature photography either.  I have a Sigma EX 12-24mm MK1, that is considered an ultra wide full frame lens,  but I kept it for a possible landscape/Nordic light trip and that’s it.

Then two weeks ago I had to take part on a event photography and suddenly everything has changed. I friend of mine took some pictures with a Nikon 17-35 f/2.8, just to give the taste of the event. Amazing pictures were born, here are some examples:

wide2 wide1

It was very nice to see details getting into the spotlight and somehow it gave a bit extra.
So I tried myself in a botanical garden a week later and I have to say, I was really pleased with the results.
_GAB6999 _GAB7040 _GAB7063

After that I had the opportunity to take pictures on the speech of the President of the European Parliament at the openining ceremony of the Nobel Peace Prize exhibition in Brussels.

20130515_nobel_5  _GAB7460

So as a bottom line, since I will have to do more events I sold the Sigma and bought the Nikon 18-35mm G lens…and the experience is coming soon.

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