Crane photoshooting session in Hungary

This september I had the opportunity to visit the common cranes in Hungary at Hortobagy. I have never seen these beautiful birds before, but could not imagine why these birds would come to a small artificial pond to drink.
So I started my journey with my brother-in-law without high expectations. We spend one night at the beautiful guesthouse on SakerTour. Then on the following day at 8 we arrived to the hide. Unfortunately at 11 when the birds appeared on the sky there was a bunch of cows and some car activity so the birds decided to go forward.
So we just waited, waited and were practising on frog portraits.

However around 3 pm a crane family approached and we got what we was going for:
20 minutes of posing of the cranes.

DSC_2588 G_Kovacs_116

So buy the end of the day I was happy to check all the pictures and do a rough first selection of the pictures.

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